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School Board

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Regular school board meetings occur the 2nd Monday of each month. These meetings are open to the public beginning at 6:00 pm at the OCS campus, in the administration building.

Olympic Christian School Board Members

Dan Hendrickson (President)                                               dan@hendrickson.ws 

Betsy Flodstrom (Vice President)                                        ebfeurope@hotmail.com

Raechel Allen (Treasurer) *non-board member*           treasurer@olympicchristian.org

Ian Barclay (Secretary)                                                         deus_vobiscum@hotmail.com

Mitch Johnson                                                                         mjohnson@olympicchristian.org

Mike LaGrange                                                                      mrlagrange@hotmail.com

Vern Swenson (IBC Elder Board Rep)                               vswenson@wavecable.com

Alicia Scofield                                                                         ascofield@olympicchristian.org

Benjamin Allen                                                                       ballen@olympicchristain.org